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Entering Critical Care: Resume Strengths

I will be applying to two possible openings for acute care. I need to focus my resume to reflect on my experiences, even though I have not actually worked in the ICU, ED, or the OR before.

Here’s what I will focus on.

  • My time as a Navy Medical Corpsman with the Marine Corps
  • Assisting with colposcopy procedures at Women’s Health at UCLA
    • should I also mention assisting in pap smears?
  • Calculating dosages according to research protocol
    • At cardiac catheterization, being available while they administered novel drug therapies to replace Plavix
    • During oncology research, I directed the correct dose to be used for intravenous therapy of experimental drugs as well as biochemotherapy
      • I also knew how to adjust it when needed and if there was an emergency
  • Being the sole caregiver for bedridden patients in home health–all of whom had ventilators
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